Health care for baby

Health care for baby, bays’ health care yes every Mother and Father their purpose and expectation that our babies how become healthy and how to know take care about babies. Hi parents, don’t think that there are solution how to you take care your babies below:


nice baby’s health care

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Tips of baby’s health care: every day you should bath of them and keep net and clean that’s and care from dust OK .and after urine and stool your should clean up them thanks.

Foods of babies: hi, mother of babies what kinds of food that you give to eat for your babies. At first (1-10) month you should give him liquid foods not heard foods as milk, you can give juice of fruits .And after (1 )year you should to give him milk, fruits, liquid rice , and kind of various small fish. And food not more. Must be foods net and clean not dust.

Table of foods for Baby:
In the Morning:
1. Milk
2. E egg
In the afternoon:
1. Milk
2. Some rice
3. Some vegetables
4. Some small fishes
And at night:
1. Milk
2. Egg
3. Some fruits


How care health for baby


Stool must be normal not Constipation: because the Constipation is source of various disease .So mother you should take care of your babies health, you should give him more water and vegetables, Banana, Papa and various fruits.

Care after urine: because after urine of babies at bade you should change their clothes and beading. Otherwise babies are be come in various disease as Asthmatic bronchitis, bronchial asthma, Bronchitis, Chronic pneumonia.

Sleep of babies at night not late: hi, mother’s of babies you should take care that your babies should at night not late and wake up in the morning. So be careful about your babies sleep. And not sleep after urine and after stool, because it source of disease so be careful.

You will see that babies are eating dust: so be careful that they are not eating any dust. Because for this various disease product as Disease of Abdomen. So babies mother you should be careful and keep them Charley and comfortably.

More time you should to keep babies at own home: Hi, Mother of babies you should keep your babies your own home. Because others people’s mind is not good. So you should keep them at your own home.

Some time should journey for their: hello Mother of babies you should to go for
njourney with your babies. Because for this become brain wide of babies. And their mind becomes pleasure.


Sweet baby’s health care

Hi, Mother of baby: you should also take care of your babies that when they suffer in any disease than you should to go with your babies to Doctor. Not late because late risk for your baby.

Hello, Mother of babies remembers: if babies health good then home well and if babies are unhealthy, if they are suffering in any disease than whole family suffer in unhappy. So be careful about your baby that they will healthy, growth goodly and I bless for them.

** You can also take help by this health discussion forum site in which you will ask questions about your health problem.

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  3. Annie says:

    I’m going with Soft Corners! Even though I’ve never had kids, I can rellay empathize with what it must be like to have a little one in such distress! Dear heavens!!!

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