Health care for children in the world

Health care for children in the world hi parents of children, how you are take care for your children’s? Don’t think because there are various discuses about in this matter in my Health blog please follow below:-


Nice children are playing  

Hi parent, you must take care about his foods: you must give foods for your children to eats by rutting. Because if don’t feed him by rutting may be not stay his body goodly beside may be become broken your children’s health. So you should feed for your children timely.

Now you should to know that what is timely: mean how you feed for your children’s timely and for this you should follow the table of foods below:

As in the Morning you can give him to eats:

One egg
Some butter
Some fruits also

And you can also feed him in the Afternoon:
Some rice

Some fruits also

And you can give children to eats at Night:
Some fruits also


Dress of children: hi parent of children, you also take care that what kinds of cloths wear them. You also give them hot cloths in the winter and thin cloths in the summer and also parent you keep their cloths neat and clean. Because to wear dirty cloths source of disease as scabies, itches, abscess. So every mother and father is care full that you should take care that your children wears neat and clean cloths.


Sleep of children: nstrong> hello every mother and father you are also take care of your children’s sleep because it is a matter that if children are sleep at night soon then may be their health become healthy and good and sleep at night lately it is source of broken healthy. So sleep is a important matter for health.

Journey for children: hello mother and father you should also go for journey with children because by journey for children brain wide and his mind wide also and from this they can learn various indications about education. So journey is a important indication for knowledge so dear parents you must care about journey.

Education of children: hi parent, you must be sent children those are go to school and teach them completely education remember “education is the backbone of the nation”. So every mother and father should that their children must become educated and talented not uneducated and ignorant in spite of that education is great issue for health and healthy and by education he can to know how become a man healthy and broken healthy and ill, sick.

Playing  for children: hello parent you also give to play for children. Because by play their body stay healthy good in spite of that to play as exercise for body, as Football, Cricket, Basketball, horse-race, tennis. And exercise keep mind and brain pleasure and wide so parent you don’t resist them from to play.

Treatment for children: hi mother and father you are also careful about treatment for children. If they are suffering any disease then must you are send them to Doctor for treatment don’t late because for disease health not become healthy and brain become weak. So every mother and father you also take care about health of children.


Excellent boys are swimming 

Swimming  for children: hi mother and father you also should approve to swim for children because swim is important matter from his life. And it exercise too


Children with their father & mother

Driving  bicycle for children: hi mother and father you are also approve to drive bicycle for children and it important matter too. And to drive bicycle is exercise too in spite of that by this children can go one place to another place.
And resist children from smoking and drinking: hello mother and father you are must resist them from smoking and drinking because it reason for broken health and it is source of disease.

You can more to know about treatment by this Health discussion forum site and solution for your health problem. 

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